Yes, more embroidery.

Hello Friends!

Since my last post I have been absorbed by my new passion. Embroidery! I shared the news with my brother who questioned it by asking me "isn't that a lot of work?" haha. Yet it doesn't feel like it at all. Rather, it is quite meditative. Peaceful. Calming. Beautiful.

Recently gathering new supplies + hoops I have ventured off to stitching more! Weirdly enough, it created a ripple effect which lead to more sketching.

So the stitching begins. The most important aspect of these projects for me is to enjoy it. Simply enjoy the process of being creative and doing work you love. Often I experience passing thoughts about it being marketable enough or cute enough, but I simply let them pass and continue to focus on creating artwork I love to do. Nothing else has to matter.

Final piece.

Final piece.

Again, I tried new techniques on this piece. Filling in the crystals instead of a line drawing look. Fuller leaves and also played with more illustrative dashes. This one is for sale on my shop.


Till next time!