New Embroidery LOVE!

Hello friends!

I recently hit a creative block. To be honest it was insanely hard to do anything creative + it was a struggle to start anything. I had this canvas wrapped in an embroidery hoop for months! I even drew what I wanted on it but never started because well, I didn't know how. It's quite intimidating to just start sometimes.

A few days ago I gave it a go and decided, " ok , I will just stitch the word ENERGY and that's enough. " Well, I did not know that I would have found so much joy, fun, and what I was missing in embroidery. It was a beauty. I couldn't stop. I kept stitching until it was done. Quite happy with the results of my first attempt at embroidery. I just needed a different way to be creative and to learn something new to jolt me out of my stagnant state.

Here's a little peek at the progress of the whole project!


I learned a few techniques in the process - such as a french knot, lazy daisies, and how to make a rose! Super simple + basic, I know, but so pretty regardless.

So lesson learned: whenever having a creative block - do something different - you never know, you might discover a new passion. ;)

Till next time, friends!