Doodles + Salad

Been an exciting month. I started doing monthly challenges to keep things fresh! Recently I attended a christening party for a special, adorable, little boy. It was a potluck style party and I made my *famous* kale salad! Haha Everyone seemed to love it - even to the point of fighting over the salad. Really funny >.<

During a chill Sunday morning I doodled the recipe into my Moleskine Passions recipe book:

Drawing this was super fun! The best part was finding time to make doodles and draw for myself! It keeps my drawing mind fresh. I've been keeping busy by making new earrings for the shop! That will be another blog post!

Here is the finished product ( kale salad ) :


 Seriously it's a bomb salad!

Seriously it's a bomb salad!

I didn't add any measurements since it's all to personal taste really. If you want it super spicy/salty/sour - that's completely up to you! Make it your own!