Monkey Space Jump

So today I spent hours tolling away learning character rigging and downloading the DUIK plugin, as well as the puppet tool! SO FUN. This opens up so many projects for me - quite excited to venture into a new form of creation and story telling.

Here are the fruits of my labor:

First After Effects Animation!

Hello Friends!

Recently created my first animation on After Effects! I’ll admit, not the most glamorous animation, but very fun to learn a new program. I’m really curious to learn character rigging after. So far I’ve learned the basics, such as rotation, scale, masking an element, positioning, and using the graph editor.

Check it out:

Yes, more embroidery.

Hello Friends!

Since my last post I have been absorbed by my new passion. Embroidery! I shared the news with my brother who questioned it by asking me "isn't that a lot of work?" haha. Yet it doesn't feel like it at all. Rather, it is quite meditative. Peaceful. Calming. Beautiful.

Recently gathering new supplies + hoops I have ventured off to stitching more! Weirdly enough, it created a ripple effect which lead to more sketching.

So the stitching begins. The most important aspect of these projects for me is to enjoy it. Simply enjoy the process of being creative and doing work you love. Often I experience passing thoughts about it being marketable enough or cute enough, but I simply let them pass and continue to focus on creating artwork I love to do. Nothing else has to matter.

Final piece.

Final piece.

Again, I tried new techniques on this piece. Filling in the crystals instead of a line drawing look. Fuller leaves and also played with more illustrative dashes. This one is for sale on my shop.


Till next time!



New Embroidery LOVE!

Hello friends!

I recently hit a creative block. To be honest it was insanely hard to do anything creative + it was a struggle to start anything. I had this canvas wrapped in an embroidery hoop for months! I even drew what I wanted on it but never started because well, I didn't know how. It's quite intimidating to just start sometimes.

A few days ago I gave it a go and decided, " ok , I will just stitch the word ENERGY and that's enough. " Well, I did not know that I would have found so much joy, fun, and what I was missing in embroidery. It was a beauty. I couldn't stop. I kept stitching until it was done. Quite happy with the results of my first attempt at embroidery. I just needed a different way to be creative and to learn something new to jolt me out of my stagnant state.

Here's a little peek at the progress of the whole project!


I learned a few techniques in the process - such as a french knot, lazy daisies, and how to make a rose! Super simple + basic, I know, but so pretty regardless.

So lesson learned: whenever having a creative block - do something different - you never know, you might discover a new passion. ;)

Till next time, friends!




Harvest Notebooks

Hello friends!

Who doesn't love a cute notebook? The harvest pattern I designed is now a notebook!

Harvest Notebooks

Harvest Notebooks

I love using it to write down recipe ideas and plenty of food inspired doodles. The harvest notebook is available now here!

Till next time!


Harvest Pattern Designs

I've been in the mood for vegetables! Vector vegetables. I'm starting a new collection of patterns. The first one will be following a harvest theme. Perhaps it's the autumn weather that has me in the mood for taking things back to their roots.


Kara Le Illustration , Harvest Collection

Here is a sneak peak on one of the patterns I have started. I've learned quite a bit in drawing in illustrator. Becoming quite drawn to using it whereas I have started out and always have been a photoshop gal. Am I switching? Haha pondering moments..

First pattern of the harvest collection.

First pattern of the harvest collection.

These patterns will be available as notebooks on my shop eventually! And perhaps... other goods! Stay tuned!

New Pinterest Board!

Hello! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! I've been creating new graphics for my shop! I've been exploring abstract visuals, playing with patterns, watercolors, and all that fun stuff!

I also created a pin board just for new goodies available on the shop! Follow if you want to be kept up to date on all new patterns and illustrated products! :)

I find Pinterest really great for finding inspirations, ideas, and just fun in general. Hope you enjoyed my short post + have a wonderful day! :)

Sunday Craft Day

Sunday's are the perfect day. I love spending Sunday mornings & afternoons crafting, painting, drawing, and anything that allows me to create.

Today I made these cute little clay trinket dishes + incense holder!

Used acrylic paint to decorate my clay trinkets + incense holders!


I haven't made anything with my hands in a while! It reminded me how calming and peaceful it is to craft. A wonderful tactile experience! Reminded me of those coloring therapy books! I love how each piece is different and imperfect. It's what makes each piece so beautiful - the imperfections. Ahhh - excited to place them all over my place! They would make nice gifts too!